Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Party Time!

Now that party season is upon us, everyone is looking for the perfect dress! We are loving the new collection of dresses in Savida, The red bandage dress is perfect for the festive season. It also comes in black and the best news is its only €35! 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guest Blogger : Aisling Farinella

Savida Christmas Shoot - Aisling Farinella,

I used to be one of those people who wouldn't touch  a mince pie until the middle of December. Since I began working as a stylist though and Christmas jobs began coming in mid- July, I've learned how to tune into my festive spirit no matter what time of the year. When commissioned with bringing together a Christmas shoot for Savida, myself and Andreas (Pettersson, the photographer) didn't have to go through too many ideas before we settled on using snow - in a house! So while I was putting together festive looks with red dresses, velvet jackets and snow prints, Andreas went about finding a special effects team to create our indoor winter wonderland. Sounds pretty magical, and that's how the final pictures look, but wow was that magical winter wonderland, in an unrestored  Georgian house (even some ceilings were missing!) cold! Thankfully I had enough styles of socks with me to share with the crew and our model Chloe was amazing. Americas Next Top Model eat your your heart out, this lovely lady barely shivered. There was not one peep of a complaint from her as she stood there looking fabulous and listened to all of us talk about turkey and ham. Billy Orr gave our Savida girl a flawless look with a shock red lip inspired by this seasons international Givenchy campaign. My favourite picture has got to be the amazing strong shoulder belted coat with Chloe holding the feather clutch and looking like she's just stepped out of a fairytale.
x Aisling